Moving forward with a new laser engraving cutting marking web site…

Custom laser engraving cutting marking. Gold Medal Productions gets a new web site.

Laser engraving cutting marking
Much of my work in creating custom ‘laser engraved awards’ doesn’t use the laser at all. Time consuming customized work that is done by hand is what sets my custom awards apart.

At long last the Gold Medal Productions web site is getting an overhaul! The goal is to create a site the does a better job of showcasing the custom nature of my business. Over the years I have refined the laser engraving cutting and marking business to serve clients who are seeking truly customized  laser product. A leaner site that encourages potential customers to imaging the possibilities that my service might bring and to contact me to discuss how we can take their product or project to an entirely different level.  It is actually a bit of a challenge to communicate that message to potential new clients. The  industry is glutted with standardized high volume laser production. Some of which is astronomically priced. I  have developed a unique niche working with each client to create a custom solution for each event and keeping the prices at or below what others are charging for standard product.

I never loose site of the fact that what I create will become an important in ways that go well beyond the budget for creating it. Plaques will be held high in celebration, take a victory lap with a team, held tight with excited jubilation, and ultimately be displayed with pride for many many years. An industrial marking job may ultimately mean better safety for on site workers. That I may help a business attract customers with custom signage. That collaboration with an artist may result in a creation that neither of us could accomplish on our own. This is my motivation. That is the focus of my laser business. Custom solutions for each and every laser engraving, cutting, or marking customer. That is the message that I hope to convey in the new web site.