Making metal identification tags and plates for over 20 years!

For over 20 years I have been serving industrial manufacturing, repair, and construction clients by providing metal identification and data tags and plates. My client list has grown to over 100 industrial repair and manufacturing companies ranging in size from multi-national fortune 100 corporations to small businesses that primarily serve their local communities.

With no set up fees and no minimum orders I make it easy for my clients to get the tags and plates they need. I have become the go to identification and data tag maker for many tank and vessel manufacturing and repair businesses. I am here to help and especially enjoy working with newly certified companies who are expanding their own businesses to include certified repair and alteration services.

As a USA small business I source my raw materials from other USA small businesses. By sourcing materials that originate in the USA I am able to ensure consistently high quality materials and support other small businesses and their communities.

The service and product I provide is quite literally the finishing touch on many incredible manufacturing or repair projects. I admire the work that my clients do. Having worked in the oil/gas industry for many years I have seen first hand the incredible skill involved in making or repairing many of the vessels, tanks, and equipment types that my tags end up being attached to. I appreciate that my part in helping customers finish their project is just a tiny part of the incredible work that their craftsmen do. My customers can count on accuracy, high quality, and quick delivery. My tags and plates may be a small part of your work, but I know it is important to get it right and help my customers finish out their work. In the 20 plus years that I have been doing this work I have been involved in all types of projects. While the variety goes beyond what I can list here, the majority of my customers are looking for, National board r certificate plate blanks, API 650 tank identification and data tags, AWWA D100 plates, equipment load and capacity tags, and customized manufacturer plates.

I look forward to working with you. Contact me today to discuss your custom metal identification tag and plate needs.

Dominic Urbano – Owner