Making API Standard 650 tank data and identification plates.

Yes, we manufacture and supply API Standard 650 data and tank identification plates. Every one of these tank tags is unique. With our free layout and proofing process you can be sure that the vessel data on your plate will be accurate. Send us your tank data and desired plate size and we will send you a layout proof. We do not charge set up and proofing fees.

API 650 tank data and identification plate
These are examples of a API 650 tank data and identification plates.
API 650 tank data and identification plate
The information on an API 650 data plate is unique to the tank that it will be attached to.

Unlike many other industrial identification and data plates, the API 650 data plates that our customers order exhibit significant variation in size. This variance primarily depends on the data requirements for the tank, resulting in diverse spatial and layout needs. While the fundamental data layout, encompassing tank capacity, diameter, nominal height, metal temperature, and shell courses, remains consistent across most of these plates, the size requests for the finished product can vary widely.

In the case of API 650 plates, they typically tend to be fairly large, with dimensions reaching up to 12”x12”. However, we’ve also accommodated requests from customers for much smaller sizes, as compact as 4”x6”. Regardless of your vessel’s specifications, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We specialize in crafting unique tank plates promptly and with precision to meet your specific needs.


We make tank identification and data plates for customers who make and repair these liquid tanks. We are not a tank manufacturing or repair company and our role is to provide these specialty companies with permanent identification and data plates based on specifications that they provide. For information about the API 650 welded tank standard visit the American Petroleum Institute.