Permanent laser marked gold

Permanently marking gold sign plates requires considerable precision and experience. One off laser marking projects are always the greatest challenge since there is so little room for error. It is one thing to design, plan, and execute a laser job where the goal is to produce  a single finished item (one off) but it is a another challenge entirely when the raw material is one of a kind as well. No second chances!

In this case the order was for a series of custom laser marked signs for a private jet. The material was gold plated custom cut sign blanks each made to fit a specific place within the plane. Each gold sign plate was a different ‘odd’ shape that required precise placement of a custom logo, text, and symbols. Extraordinary care was required in planning and execution of this permanent laser marking job. While so much of our work involves supplying industrial clients with stainless steel identification plates such as those used for ASME R stamp repair plates, this custom gold project is a great example of the type of custom laser marking capability that sets us apart. With curved lines, non-standard openings and airplane head set jack holes, what on the surface might look like a simple laser marking job actually required substantial planning and precision.  Once started, the laser marking on the gold is permanent and there is no way to undo or restart the job. We never missed. It was our pleasure to be a part in making this custom airplane interior project a success.

Custom laser marked gold sign. Placement of text and logo on difficult shape one off design.

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