High Temp Equipment ID Tags


Signs and tags that can really take the heat. The image above shows a laser-marked “Manufactured by” plate. We exposed the plate to five minutes of direct heat at approximately 3600°F. Although the steel has become discolored, the lettering remains intact and clear.

Gold Medal Productions has been providing laser-marked industrial identification tags and plates for use in harsh environments for 20 years. High temp ID tags and data plates for furnaces, boilers, and heat exchangers are a key component in equipment identification, safety signage, and pressure vessel tags.

Even after enduring the direct heat of a propane torch, the lettering and lines on this laser-marked metal stamp plate blank remain clear. High-temperature ID tags and signs must truly withstand the heat!

Gold Medal Productions made the steel ID plates pictured above for Bristol Boiler & Welding of Atlanta GA. They will finish the “Manufactured by” plate blanks with their date stamp. We tested the durability of the mark by directly heating the plate with a propane torch. While the high temperature was enough to warp and discolor the steel plate, the lettering did not come off. So the test shows that laser-marked industrial identification plates are reliable

Laser marking metal results in permanent high contrast, high-resolution lettering, and lines. Customers routinely order our 304 stainless plates for use on industrial equipment, pressure vessel and tanks in a variety of harsh environments.

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