High Temp Equipment ID Tags



Signs and tags that can really take the heat. This laser marked “Manufactured by” plate was subjected to five minutes of ~3600°F. While the steel is discolored the lettering is still intact and clear.

Gold Medal Productions has been making custom laser marked identification tags and plates for use in harsh industrial environments since 2001. Signs and tags that can withstand the high temperatures of furnaces, boilers and heat exchangers are a key component in equipment identification, safety signage, and pressure vessel tags.


Even after being subjected to the direct heat of a propane torch, the lettering and lines on this laser marked metal stamp plate blank remain clear. High temp ID tags and signs need to be able to really take the heat!

The steel ID plates pictured here were made for Bristol Boiler & Welding of Atlanta GA who will finish the “Manufactured by” plate blanks with their own date stamp. The laser marked 304 stainless steel identification tags were subjected to five minutes of direct heat from a propane torch. While the high temperature was enough to warp and discolor the steel plate the lettering did not come off. While the ~3600°F temperature of the propane flame is well above any normal exterior sign / tag exposure, this high temperature test clearly shows that these laser marked industrial identification plates can really take the heat.

Laser marking metal results in permanent high contrast, high resolution lettering and lines. The applications are as limitless as the multitude of situations and environments that commercial and industrial signs and tags might be needed. Each customer order is customized for their particular application.

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