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Permanent laser marked gold

Permanently marking gold sign plates requires considerable precision and experience. One off laser marking projects are always the greatest challenge since there is so little room for error. It is one thing to design, plan, and execute a laser job where the goal is to produce  a single finished item (one off) but it is a another challenge entirely when the raw material is one of a kind as well. No second chances!

In this case the order was for a series of custom laser marked signs for a private jet. The material was gold plated custom cut sign blanks each made to fit a specific place within the plane. Each gold sign plate was a different ‘odd’ shape that required precise placement of a custom logo, text, and symbols. Extraordinary care was required in planning and execution of this permanent laser marking job. While so much of our work involves supplying industrial clients with stainless steel identification plates such as those used for ASME R stamp repair plates, this custom gold project is a great example of the type of custom laser marking capability that sets us apart. With curved lines, non-standard openings and airplane head set jack holes, what on the surface might look like a simple laser marking job actually required substantial planning and precision.  Once started, the laser marking on the gold is permanent and there is no way to undo or restart the job. We never missed. It was our pleasure to be a part in making this custom airplane interior project a success.

Custom laser marked gold sign. Placement of text and logo on difficult shape one off design.

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High Temp Equipment ID Tags


Signs and tags that can really take the heat. This laser marked “Manufactured by” plate was subjected to five minutes of ~3600°F. While the steel is discolored the lettering is still intact and clear.

Gold Medal Productions has been providing laser-marked identification tags and plates for use in harsh industrial environments for 20 years. Signs and tags that can withstand the high temperatures of furnaces, boilers, and heat exchangers are a key component in equipment identification, safety signage, and pressure vessel tags.

Even after being subjected to the direct heat of a propane torch, the lettering and lines on this laser marked metal stamp plate blank remain clear. High temp ID tags and signs need to be able to really take the heat!

For example, the steel ID plates pictured above were made for Bristol Boiler & Welding of Atlanta GA. They will finish the “Manufactured by” plate blanks with their date stamp. To test the marking durability, the laser-marked stainless steel tags were heated with a propane torch. While the high temperature was enough to warp and discolor the steel plate, the lettering did not come off. So the test shows that laser-marked industrial identification plates are reliable.

Laser marking metal results in permanent high contrast, high-resolution lettering, and lines. The applications are as limitless as the many environments that commercial and industrial signs and tags might be needed.

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ASME Certified Repair Stamp Plates

R Stamp Plates – Quick Delivery.

The call came in at about 8:30 AM. An AMSE certified R repair job could not be closed out because the company could not access their stock of R stamp plates. The person in charge of them was out of the country and could not be reached. The R plates were somewhere in one of their 22 site construction trailers and no one had been able to locate them. Rather than waste more time searching for them, they called me.

The question was simple. “Dominic, could you make us a dozen new R stamp plates today?”

The answer was equally as simple. “Yes.”

While not all orders need to be completed in a rush, Gold Medal Productions can make repair plates quickly. With in house graphics and layout, a rapid proofing process, and stock on hand, we can deliver your R plates in a hurry if needed.

This was a new customer for Gold Medal Productions so we needed to complete the proofing process as well as produce the new stainless steel plates in time to have them packaged and shipped by that afternoon. Within two hours the layout was done and we had proof approval. By 1:30 PM the new R stamp plates were on their way to the customer via next day air.

ASME-certified R stamp plates may not be the sexiest part of a repair, re-certification, or alteration project but they are critical to closing out a job. At Gold Medal Productions we keep a stock of 304 .048 stainless steel blanks on hand at all times to offer quick delivery of your custom R stamp plate order.

If you are an ASME certified company with a need for new R stamp plates call Dominic for a quote.

“R” stamp blanks are made to your layout specifications. Permanent laser marked text and lines are set to best enable you to make the final stamp marks such as your National Board “R” & “Date Repaired” date. The laser marking is as resilient as the metal that it is on. While 304 stainless is the most common base material order for these blanks, the laser process works with virtually any metal.

Laser Engraved Sign Project

Laser Engraved Sign Project in Leavenworth WA

With the new location in The Twisted Cliff Gallery in Leavenworth comes new laser engraving projects. In this case, it was a collaboration with Gibbs Graphics to complete a new business street sign for Simply Living Farm. The business logo, a bundle of grain, was too detailed to be done with the standard sand carving techniques so Gold Medal Productions was hired to laser engrave and laser cut that component of the new sign. Gibbs Graphics then used the laser engraved logo on the larger solid cedar sign.

Laser Engraved Sign
The logo section of this Leavenworth WA sign was laser engraved by Gold Medal Productions.

With yellow and black paint and custom ironwork, the sign is a beautiful new addition to the Bavarian-themed town of Leavenworth WA. Such custom collaborative projects are a perfect use of the laser engraving service that Gold Medal Productions offers.

National Board R Stamp plates

Stainless steel National Board R stamp plate blank ready for "R" stamp. High contrast permanent laser marked metal ready for industrial environments.
Stainless steel National Board R stamp plate blank ready for “R” stamp. High contrast permanent laser marked metal ready for industrial environments. Perfect for repaired by, altered by, or rerate identification data plates.

ASME National Board R and vessel certification data stamp plate supply with no minimum order requirements or set up fees.*

Gold Medal Productions supplies ASME Certified data plate for ASME U Stamp, and National Board R Stamp and NB Mark plates. Permanent laser marked stainless steel metal plates ready for your ASME stamp on repaired, re-rated, and altered vessels. Customize your order with the mix of plates to suit your current project needs with no setup or text change fees. There are no minimum order requirements. Whether you are ordering one plate or thousands Gold Medal Productions delivers superior laser marked products and rapid turnaround.

Quality R stamp and data plates are a small but key component to finishing your certified vessel, welding, repair, and service jobs. Gold Medal Productions produces stainless steel plates that are customized for each customer.

Contact Gold Medal Productions to discuss your certification R stamp plate needs or to order a sample ASME identification blank plate.

With substantial experience serving industrial clients and direct experience working in the type of environments that these plates are likely to end up, Gold Medal Productions owner Dominic Urbano, understands the important role that these ‘simple’ plates play. Gold Medal Productions provides high contrast permanent industrial vessel identification plates combined with flexible ordering and industry best pricing.

Each laser marking order is custom designed to meet the clients specific needs. Building loyal customers through superior service and pricing.

“…quality product, on time, and at a competitive price.

“We have been using Gold Medal Productions for a wide range of company needs, and have always received a quality product, on time, and at a competitive price.”

Viviano Gutierrez – Quality Assurance Manager Matrix Service Inc.

Gold Medal Productions is a USA small business serving clients world wide. Proudly providing top quality custom laser engraving, laser cutting, and laser marking services since 2001.

*No set up fee when customer supplies a print ready copy of their business logo. A business logo is not required and there is no charge for a text based business identification.

A custom plaque is better than a trophy.

Custom designed championship plaque for the 2012 Birger Solberg track invitational

 A custom designed plaque makes a better award than a trophy.

Custom awards and trophies
Dominic Urbano – Owner

There few things worse than trying to reward high achievement with a low end trophy. The quality of the award will be seen as a direct reflection of how much the event organizer values the achievement of the teams or individuals. Putting together an awards table that does an event and the recipients justice is a key component to successful event organization. Custom laser engraved plaques allow event organizers to do this without breaking the budget and have greater display potential than a trophy.

An award that is presented to a team or athlete at the end of a competition serves multiple purposes. If there is an awards table at the event, it serves as an incentive to achieve. Athletes and coaches see the award prior to the competition and imagine that they will be the ones who will be holding it at the end of the day. That awards table sends a clear message to participants as to how much they are valued. At the time of presentation the award will be hoisted above heads and passed around as a symbol of victory. It will be given at moments of high emotion and should enhance or add to the emotion of the moment.  A ‘run of the mill’ or ‘cheap’ award can quickly deflate what should be a high moment for an event.  In the end it becomes a banner advertisement for the event that is taken with the victor to be displayed.

Custom plaques do a superior job of enhancing an event and have a much greater display potential.  A trophy take up too much space to display well after they leave the event awards table. They tend to get in the way and are invariably relegated to storage soon after being won. Plaques are put on the wall and displayed almost indefinitely. The large surface area of a plaque allows for better display of event graphics and achievement details. Laser engraved plaques and awards are particularly good because of the infinite design possibilities, high contrast lettering, and variable material options.

A custom designed plaque becomes a one of a kind award that will set your event apart from others. While today’s trophy catalogs are full of well designed base award options, they are nonetheless, still “run of the mill”.  Adding your logo and text to a run of the mill base trophy does not change the fact that it will still look basically the same as anyone else who has chosen that item from the catalog.  Using a laser engraved plaque for your event awards allows for complete customization at prices that are often less than the basic trophies. Since 2001, Gold Medal Productions has been designing and building custom awards with both the customer and recipient in mind. Contact Gold Medal Productions.

Photo by Dominic Urbano

Better laser engraved awards… on a budget.

Hard practice and high achievement deserves a trophy or plaque that is worthy of the accomplishment. Don't insult the effort and accomplishment with run of the mill awards.
Hard practice and high achievement deserves a trophy or plaque that is worthy of the accomplishment. Don’t insult the effort and accomplishment with run of the mill awards.

Custom Laser Engraved Awards & Plaques…

The idea for my custom laser engraving business started when I was looking for something special to present to my 1999 Washington State girls cross country championship team. It was a tremendous amount of work and a stellar team performance that put those girls on top of the podium at the State Championships and I wanted to make sure that they had something to take with them that was worthy of that accomplishment. I didn’t find anything. I don’t recall what I did present at our awards banquet… but I know it was not good enough.

The state championship trophy would be placed into the school trophy case and a banner would hang high in the gym as the school claimed yet another victory to sell to future generations… but the young women who did the real work… for whom that championship meant the world… what did they get? The fact that I don’t even remember says something.

We ended up winning three state cross country championships in a row. I was in the same bind at the end of the second season. Nobody was offering any custom awards that would both fit my budget and do justice to the great accomplishment of yet another state championship. I started researching the problem… determined not to let it happen again.

In 2001 our team went undefeated and a third state championship banner was raised, and another state trophy was squeezed into the case. This time I was ready. Over the previous year I had started my laser engraving business. Combining my background in graphic design with a burning desire to make sure that athletes who have earned an award get one that they are proud to have, I made the plaques for my 2001 state championship team myself.

While it is usually the coach who is my customer… it is the recipient of the award that I am thinking of while I work. This was and continues to be the foundation of Gold Medal Productions. While the business has grown to include industrial laser engraving and marking as well as the custom laser engraved awards, I believe that quality does not have to cost a fortune. That any coach who wants better awards for their athletes, despite tough budgets, should be able to get them. They shouldn’t be forced into crummy awards or run of the mill trophies. The recipient of a trophy or plaque deserves better. No bobble heads!

Commercial Photography by Dominic Urbano

Laser marking identification on locks and tags. LOTO… safety locks ensure industrial safety.

A LOTO safety lock with laser engraved identification ensures that industrial safety and OSHA compliance will not be compromised by poor quality identification marking.

Industrial safety requires highly durable and reliable LOTO lock identification. Laser marking does the job best!

Custom awards and trophies

OSHA requirements state that LOTO locks and tags be identified with durable and clear printing. Laser marking is provides the perfect solution for ensuring that your LOTO locks and keys are permanently identified. A seemingly small part of a LOTO program, clear and permanent LOTO lock and tag identification helps ensure worker safety and unnecessary job delays.

OSHA LOTO Proceedures 1910.147

“Tagout devices shall be constructed and printed so that exposure to weather conditions or wet and damp locations will not cause the tag to deteriorate or the message on the tag to become illegible.” “Identifiable. Lockout devices and tagout devices shall indicate the identity of the employee applying the device(s).”

I just completed a custom industrial laser marking job for one of my long term clients. In need of a quick turnaround my client needed 1000 LOTO locks and 2000 stainless steel identification tags. A few years ago the same client had me serialize over 6000 LOTO locks, tags, and lock boxes. It is an industrial laser marking job that illustrates how important high quality permanent identification marking can be.

For a number of years I worked as a safety coordinator for an oil refinery. LOTO (Lock Out / Tag Out) was the key to ensuring that industrial equipment that had been made safe for maintenance or repair remained that way. Isolating and securing high energy systems ensures worker safety. It is a straight forward system, that when properly implemented, gives every worker the ability to secure even the most complex systems or machinery with a single lock.

Clear and permanent identification of LOTO locks is is a key element of a LOTO program. In large scale industrial maintenance jobs or during refinery ‘turn-around’ there may be thousands of locks being used to secure individual and overlapping systems. A single lock with missing or unreadable identification marking could result in compromised safety and substantial monetary loss. Between the lost man hours… potential compromise to worker safety… or even delayed start up… something as seemingly simple as how the lock is marked and identified becomes very important.

A LOTO lock may need to remain in the field for a number months or even for years. Long term construction projects, decommissioned equipment, redesigned systems… any number of reasons that a lock may end up needing to withstand long exposure to the weather and the potentially harsh industrial environment. Permanent and clear laser marking becomes a valuable  element in a quality LOTO program. The OSHA lock out tag out procedures require clear and durable identification of the locks and tags used in a LOTO safety program. Laser engraving provides high resolution permanent identification of for LOTO locks and tags.


Laser engraving the Washington State Cross Country Hall of Fame Awards

Custom awards and trophies  The Washington State Cross Country Coaches Hall of Fame awards. It is my favorite set of plaques to make each year. I just shipped the laser engraved and laser marked plaques off to the WSCCCA for presentation to this years inductees. They are beautiful plaques, made with a combination of laser cut stainless steel and laser engraved hardwood, but the real reason they are special for me is my own history with the sport of cross country. For 13 years I coached high school cross country. First at Naselle HS and then at Mt. Baker HS. For 13 years I spent the first weekend in November with my athletes at the Washington State XC championships. It was always an amazing weekend of working with my teams, connecting with other coaches from around the state, and of course witnessing the great races.

It was my Mt. Baker girls state championship team in 1999 that inspired me to start this business. I wanted to present them with something special at our awards banquet. I searched and searched and was ultimately disappointed with the run of the mill trophies and plaques that were available. Long story short… I did my research and given my background in graphic design I purchased a top of the line laser engraving and cutting machine and started making custom plaques and trophies.

Washington coaches hall of fame awards

The 2011 Washington State Cross Country Hall of Fame plaques ready to ship. Solid hardwood with laser cut stainless steel.

In 2001 I was honored by the WSCCCA as the Washington State Girls Cross Country Coach of the Year. One of the greatest honors I have ever received. A very proud moment. The WSCCCA presented me with a very nice… but run of the mill… plaque. Really, it was nice… but I immediately knew that I could do better. Just like my state championship teams I wanted future award recipients to walk away from the award ceremony with a trophy or plaque that was every bit worthy of the high honor that it was being presented for. I have had the honor of designing and laser engraving these awards ever since.

So… hats off to Patty Ley, Joe Stewart, Bill Kemp, and Ross Thomas. I hope that these plaques are worthy of the great honor.

Photography by Dominic Urbano

Washington State Cross Country Coaches Association member discount…

Members of the Washington State Cross Country Coaches Association (WSCCCA) get a 10% discount on all cross country award orders. It does not matter if the order is for team or event awards. The discount applies to anything that the WSCCCA member orders.

In the 13 years that I spent as a cross country coach in Washington state (Naselle and Mt. Baker High Schools) I learned to admire the work that the  WSCCCA was continuously doing on behalf of the sport. While the sport of running cross country is as pure a form of competition as there is, the politics of sport do exist and need to be attended to. The WSCCCA continuously watches out for and campaigns for the interest of the coaches and athletes.

While I have since left both the teaching and coaching profession, my admiration for the people who continue to care for the sport that I love has never waned. I started this business because I felt that my cross country athletes deserved better awards and recognition products than what I was able to find at ‘typical’ awards and trophy stores. While the business has grown and I am now filling orders from all over the world… my roots will always be firmly grounded in the great sport of cross country.

Click here for more information on the WSCCCA.


Dominic Urbano